LED Brackets

Double Stack Brackets
Vertically mount two lights - one above the other - with these durable brackets. Center cutouts accommodate power cables and pre-drilled mounting holes simplify installation. Suitable for interior or exterior use.
Double Stack Bracket 12.4304   Double Stack Bracket
for 10.4322 MEGA 43 Lights

MSRP  $ 21.32 each
Double Stack Bracket 12.5405   Double Stack Bracket
for 12.5004 Luminator Quad Lights

MSRP  $ 27.06 each
Double Stack Bracket 12.5423   Double Stack Bracket
for 10.6322 MEGA 63 Lights
for 11.2840 Duo Lights
for 11.9000 Series Micro-Lites
for 12.5003 Luminator Trio Lights

MSRP  $ 28.18 each

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