LED Brackets

Dash Brackets
Position light heads on the dash or rear deck with these aluminum mounting brackets. Suction cups secure the assembly to the windshield to prohibit shifting and sliding.
11.2010 Dash Bracket 11.2010  Dash Bracket for
11.2000 Interweave LED Lights
11.2005 & 11.3705 LED Lights
11.2700 Series LED Stick Lights

MSRP  $ 16.04 each
11.8010 Dash Bracket 11.8010   Dash Bracket for
11.8000 LED Dash Light

MSRP  $15.34 each
11.8200 Dash Bracket 11.8200  Dash Bracket for
11.8200 Series By The Inch (BTI) Lights
11.8400 Series Bendable By The Inch (BTI) Lights

MSRP  $15.34 each
11.8310BRKT Dash Bracket 11.8310.BRKT  Dash Bracket for
11.8300 Series By The Inch (BTI) Lights
11.8341.A-CONT By the Inch (BTI) Signal Stick
12.1300 Series SHO-OFF Warning Sticks
12.1340.A-CONT SHO-OFF Signal Stick

MSRP  $ 16.04 each
11.8610 Dash Bracket 11.8610  Dash Bracket for
11.8600 LED Slim Lights

MSRP  $15.34 each

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