Outlet Boxes

Chrome Accessory Outlet Parts

14.0570 / 14.0571

Chrome Knob Cigarette Lighter


Model Description Features  
14.0370 Single Outlet and Switch 1 Rocker Switch and 1 Accessory Outlet in an Attractive Panel more
14.0373 Double Outlet and Switch 2 Rocker Switches and 2 Accessory Outlets in an Attractive Panel more
14.0434 Multi-Port Accessory Box Three Accessory Outlets and Four USB Ports in One Unit more
14.0553 Triple Outlet Box Three Accessory Outlets in One Compact Box more
14.0570 Chrome Accessory Outlet Single Outlet / 15 Amps / Ready to install in auto, boat, camper or motorcycle.  
14.0571 Chrome Mounting Bracket  For use with single accessory outlet. Sold separately.  
14.6613 Outlet w/ Water-Resistant Cap Provides improved protection in damp conditions. Sold separately.  

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